Friday, April 07, 2006

Raindrops are fallin' on my head

Five miles yesterday in the wet; a painful portion on harsh chipseal asphalt. I am amazed at the "true-to-life" quality of barefoot running: vulnerable, mindful, dependent upon addressing the heart of the matter (i.e. running form) rather than seeking to impose external "solutions" (in this case, wearing shoes!).

My feet were on fire after the run; the cool and wet seem to distract the senses of the soles - but splashing through the puddles was a playful plus! My soles are still sensitive this morning, but there is no sign of blistering or abrasion; just the reminder of the intense and prolonged overstimulation of bed-of-nails, chipseal running.

Barefooting makes you acknowledge your limits rather than pushing unwisely and unfeelingly through them. This promotes patience, strength, and growth over the long haul. I like it!


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