Monday, April 10, 2006

Milestone IX

"IX" as in "9," milestone in the literal sense: I'm just cooling down from my longest barefoot run of nine miles!

In the same breath, I affirm my skepticism of this so-called "achievement," as I am not certain that I have necessarily become better as a result of running farther.

External goals for goals' sake seem foolish in this light; so often, we obsess with how fast or how far we run (or how much we have or do), losing sight of how we run (in essence, who we are).

We buy expensive shoes, straps, and braces to compensate for how we run (not to mention all the external solutions to life's inner problems), then spend more on big-ticket watches, heart rate monitors, and the like (more of the same) to give us external affirmation of how good we are - or think we are - "doing." But how are you being? Shorter still, how are you?

Questions asked and answered with every barefoot stride... I love it!


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