Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Long time, no blog!

The past three months have been very eventful!

In one month's time, I ran my first four official barefoot races:

- May 29th: Bolder Boulder 10K
- June 3rd: Salt Lake City Marathon
- June 10th: Teton Dam Marathon
- June 23rd-24th: Wasatch Back Relay

Right after the SLC race, The Wall Street Journal ran an article about barefoot running in which I am pictured quoted. What luck!

The "Dam Marathon" was 26.2 miles of rough country roads, topped off by the in-town rounds on winter's remnants of crushed lava rock!

My little sister-in-law, Kristyan, has taken it up; we even went on a jaunt yesterday "around the block" near her home.

While it may sound overstated, my life has been forever changed by barefoot running!

It is amazing when you discover and practice such a true-to-life form of exercise. Not only does it benefit you physically, but also mentally and spiritually. Deeply held beliefs are validated and reinforced as you literally inculcate them into your soul.

People tell me that I've lost my shoes; I tell them that I've found them. :)



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